Jim Johansson
RN, MN, PhD(c) 




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︎︎︎Jim Johansson is a Nursing Clinical Instructor (Mental Health), a Registered Nurse, and PhD candidate at the University of Ottawa. He is currently based in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

As a PhD candidate at the University of Ottawa, Jim’s program of research focuses on the intersection of mental health and the criminal justice system. His PhD research examines the aging federal prison population in Canada and the process of compassionate release. He is working under the supervision of Dr. Dave Holmes.

Jim is also a Nursing Clinical Instructor in Mental Health at MacEwan University (2017-present).  
He has presented his work across Canada and internationally.

Teaching and Research Interests

  • Aging Prison Populations
  • Forensic Mental Health Nursing
  • Poststructuralism and Nursing Theory
  • Power and Patient Resistance in Nursing
  • The Criminalization of Mental Illness
  • Abjection, Disgust and Boundaries in Nursing Practice
  • Prison Abolition and Police Alternatives
  • Barriers to Access in Mental Health Care
  • Masculinities and Gender in Nursing Practice
  • Disaster Nursing
  • Climate Change and Mental Health

Expert Testimony and Evidence

Qualified expert witness by Alberta Court of Justice in forensic nursing. Focus on access to healthcare in correctional facilities.

  • Aging Prison Populations
  • Mental Health in Prison
  • Prison Conditions
  • Solitary Confinement
  • Compassionate Release


Doctorate in Philosophy Nursing

School of Nursing, University of Ottawa

Dissertation topic: Compassionate Release and the Aging Canadian Federal Prison Population

Supervisor: Dave Holmes

Master of Nursing

College of Nursing, University of Saskatchewan

Thesis topic: Nursing Strategies for Patients Perceived to be Challenging in Forensic Mental Health Settings

Supervisor: Cindy Peternelj-Taylor

Bachelor of Science in Nursing

MacEwan University

Bachelor of Science in 
Environmental Biology

University of Alberta